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You will love her more than me

These were the words Roz threw at me a few weeks ago on the bus. We were on our way home from one of out trips, sitting snuggled up in the bus. I’d like...


Netflix Streamteam: What’s on in August

These days, most of my day is dominated by breastfeeding and Netflix. Now there’s a group of words you may never have thought to put together. No Netflix and chill round these here parts....


Anecdotes from my hospital stay

The child is now a week old, and we’ve been home since last Tuesday. The only times I’ve ever been in hospital as an inpatient has been for both births and both times were…..quite...


Breastfeeding again – WBW 2016

She’s finally here! The little child that ice spent forty weeks waiting for.  And it’s been a whirlwind of a week. I forgot how much time and energy that birth, and then having a...


What the “white savior” doesn’t (care to) foresee.

Okay, so I’ll admit I am slowing down. With one week left till the baby’s due date, I am so tired I can barely think straight let alone put coherent sentences together.If you’ve been...


Product review: Alflorex Children’s probiotics

So I haven’t really posted anything health related for a while, but I’m still very active in trying to change our little family’s eating habits to be more health friendly, and especially, gut friendly....

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