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Let it grow, let it grow

Hi all, I’m so sorry I went MIA. It’s just that time of year when college and work converge to make it impossible for me to be in any way enthusiastic about writing. There...


Look what I made!!

Soooo…what do you think? I did promise more crafts this year and I started with a vengeance. Okay, a little lie, I actually finished this in two weeks ago, but started in 2014. But...


Saying goodbye to Ger

One of our gerbils is dead. The poor little creature. We were starting our day as normal, getting dressed, eating breakfast, arguing with Roz that yes, it was very cold out and yes, she...


Yes, Bob, many Africans know it’s christmas, now please stop!

I think I am going to scream if I hear that song one more time. I am seriously going to f***** scream. There I was, minding my own business last weekend when I heard...

Snail Photo 14

I’ve moved!… thanks for finding me

Cooeee!   This is just to let you know that I’ve moved.   Although my one more pair of boots page is still in existence, I won’t be writing there anymore. This will be...

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