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Netflix: Winter is here….All hail King Julien!

Happy holidays!!   I love that expression. I know most people sneer at it as a very cheery feel good American term, but I actually like it. Here’s why:   It is the season...


Movie review: Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

I sometimes forget that Disney produce really nice, feel-good family movies. They are so well known for their cartoons that yup, I just plum forget. Especially after movies they like The prince of Persia...


Movie review: Planes 2 Fire and rescue

So we went on our second trip to the cinema two weeks ago to see the soon to be released sequel to Disney’s Planes. I haven’t watched the first Planes movie, but this wasn’t...


Digestive SOS kit giveaway

So, the sun is out, my veggies are growing and it looks like we’re going to continue having this lovely weather for the rest of  the week. And to kick off the end of...


What are we reading today?

I love to read, absolutely adore it. My idea of relaxing, even in between exams, has always been to read. I’ve never owned an MP3 player, and don’t use my phone (much to the...


Our trip to the cinema

I would like to say I took Roz on her first trip to the cinema, but alas, her dad robbed me of the pleasure. See, this is why you should be very clear and...

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