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Today we were late for school, but happy.

This morning I had a great school walk with Roz. Kris used to take her to school before, but I took over mostly because it means we all get to start the day together...


The end of the fourth trimester 

It’s been great, this last hidden trimester. Getting to know her, watching her go from a small curled up bag of bones and skin to a chubby cuddly little human child. From curled up...


Every day gets a little bit easier.

Last week, I had written a draft post about my experience with my C-Section, and then on Monday morning, I opened up the internet to find that as luck would have it, someone’s rant...


You will love her more than me

These were the words Roz threw at me a few weeks ago on the bus. We were on our way home from one of out trips, sitting snuggled up in the bus. I’d like...


Week 37 and counting

  Almost there. It’s been a very long pregnancy and I can’t wait to meet this little one. For starters, we know it’s a girl, which Krzys and Roz are delighted about and I...


Ohhhh….. We’re halfway there. Sing it with me.

  Pretty self explanatory, non?

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