Imagination and the awkward conversations

Last night, after all that rain, for just a moment the sky was clear and a huge glowing three quarter moon shone down. It was beautiful.

I didn’t see it at first because I was finishing up a craft project (more on that later) but Roz did. She called me over from her seat at the window,
“Mama! Come and look at the moon.”
So I obliged, and I sat down next to her just open-mouthed. She was looking at me as I just wowed, and then she said,
“Do you know what mama? Maybe we could get a plane and go to the moon. Maybe we can get some milk and some coffee and ice cream and some picnic food and we can carry my daddy’s blanket and then we can fly there and just sit and have a picnic.”
Oh imagination you beautiful gift! I was so excited for her. Roz has two books where people go to to the moon. In one of them, ‘whatever next’ by Jill Murphy, a little bear goes to the moon in his own rocket, and in ‘The way home’ by Oliver Jeffers, a boy flies his plane to the moon. She loves both books and we love pointing out the moon to her in its different phases.
So I got into the spirit of the thing.
“Do you know whatRoz?” I said, all excited “how about we build our own rocket ship and fly to the moon? We could use your Lego and some cardboard and…”
….And she was looking at me like I’d lost my mind. She had this really serious expression on her face and, putting one tiny hand on my arm, my three years seven month old child said gently,
“Mama, we can’t make a rocket from my Lego. It won’t have any seats and we’ll need seats because we need to sit down. We need a real plane”
Of course.
What was I thinking?
Of course we need a real plane with seats to fly to the moon.

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  1. Beautiful post, love the imagination… and the practicality too 😉

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