In sickness and in pooping

Have I had one hell of a week or what!

…One hell of a week, obviously. It started when Krys got home last Tuesday, practically shuffling in through the door like a zombie, let his bags drop to the floor, flopped onto the sofa and said,

“Muuka, I really don’t feel well”.

I picked up Roz, gave her a bath which we both loved, put her to bed and was alarmed to hear what sounded like choking sounds coming from the monitor at half nine. I went into the room and her cot mattress and the wall beside her was covered in vomit while she struggled to breathe as more of it exploded out of her mouth.


Since then I’ve been nursing the two of them back to health.

Krys was easy. They tell you men are like babies when they are sick but Krys is the exception. We have to fight for him to let me do anything for him. For example, he wanted to sleep on the floor in the living room, on his matress as it was cooler, so I offered to bring the mattress for him as he was feeling so weak. He didn’t eat all Tuesday through Thursday.

“Muuka, I’m not dying. I’ll get it myself.”

“Krys, will it kill you if I just bring the mattress in here for you? Look at you. You can barely walk!”

“I’m fine. Stop fussing.”

“Shut up. You’re not fine. I’m bringing the mattress.”

“If you bring it, I’ll take it right back”

“Well you know what? Now I am going to bring it in, just so I can watch you take it back in and bring it out again.”

I mean…sheesh!

He wouldn’t let me make him any tea, bring him a blanket, bring him some water. He insisted on doing it all himself. So annoying. I won’t be able to say, remember that time when you were sick and I looked after you, you bastard  the next time I’m ill and he refuses to help me. Honestly, the selfishness of some people!

Roz had me scared though. All of Wednesay she threw up everything, water included. I barely managed to get her to nurse, and was so relieved when she did, even just for a bit, and kept it down. She slept most of the days away, waking up to throw up and weakly ask for water or the breast. At night, she woke up nearly every hour racked with dry heaves which then turned quickly to throwing up. Then she started to have really horrible smelly pooey nappies.

I haven’t seen so many soiled nappies since the first three months of her life.

The poor little thing was in so much pain and so uncomfortable. I was tempted to go to the doctor, but knew that it was probably best I wait it out as the doctors can’t really do anything except tell you to give painkillers and rehydration salts. Plus if Krys had the same thing, then Roz was merely exhibiting worse symptoms because she’s a lot younger and her immune system isn’t fully formed yet.

Yestermornig I actually said if she threw up or pooped one more time, I was taking her to the hospital so they could put her on a drip or something...Anything!… as I couldn’t take my poor baby looking and feeling so horrid.

But luckily today, she was back to her cheeky, playful self, drinking tons of water and eating oatmeal porridge. Krys was also okay and actually ventured out into the world for nappies (which we ran out of due to the excessive pooing) and some fresh air for his lungs…again, due to the excessive pooing by Roz.

I’m exhausted, preparing for bed now and ready to face the coming week, but I’m just so glad they are both okay.

My poor little sicklings cuddled up and getting a bit of shut eye

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