I’ve moved!… thanks for finding me

Snail Photo



This is just to let you know that I’ve moved.


Although my one more pair of boots page is still in existence, I won’t be writing there anymore. This will be my brand spanking new, funky website.


We’re just entering winter and I am freezing, but it’s all good. Life’s busy, Roz is settling in very well in playschool, and college is slowly taking over my life again. So I decided why not make it even more fun by setting up a proper website? I liked the image of the snail because that’s what I’m trying to be at the moment: slow and steady and stable, with a good solid house, even as I deal with hard and difficult things beneath me.


I’m still chopping and changing and making this place look good, as well as sorting out twitter, facebook and other social media…properly this time, so it’s still in flux, but I promise it’ll all be done this side of the winter solstice.


If you followed my blog before, then I am delighted you’ve made it here. If you’re new, then wa-hey, good to see you.


Either way, stick around, get familiar with the new site, leave a comment and see you soon!


…and yes, I am sorting out the various images at some point.





photo credit: jamacab via photopin cc

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14 Responses

  1. Congratulations on the move. I quite like the snail. 🙂

  2. oh well done you! Looks fab and all your hard work has paid off. I love the new name!
    Welcome home and may you be very happy here!!!

  3. Emily says:

    Welcome and congrats on the new site 🙂 may it fill you with inspiration in the months ahead! Xxx

  4. Christine says:

    Yay! Congrats on the new space, and I love the name.

  5. una says:

    Love the snail metaphor, it’s a good life philosophy to have! Best of luck with the new site x

  6. Aedín says:

    Lovely new site!May you be very happy here!

  7. Love your new home and the new name. Good luck settling in 🙂

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