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Hi all,

I’m so sorry I went MIA. It’s just that time of year when college and work converge to make it impossible for me to be in any way enthusiastic about writing. There were so many times over the last two months where I had ideas about what I wanted to write, and then got home and poof! Idea gone and too much reading and pondering about work to do.

My veggies from last year

My veggies from last year

Anyway, I’m back. And I didn’t want February to go by without a shout out to the world. It being my birthday month and all…

We’ve made a really big decision just today actually. You might remember how I started growing my own veggies last year for a while, yes? No? Okay, no biggie, I talked about it here and to be honest, I loved the experience of picking fresh veggies, cutting them and cooking them all in one go. It was great fun. I decided to do the same this year and last weekend was clearing out my growing beds with Roz. But the soil was made up mostly of roots, so I need compost, fresh soil and a host of other stuff I know close to nothing about. I mean, in Zambia we just had a back garden and grew stuff…I don’t remember having to worry about the roots. Aldi were having a special on gardening stuff and I went over to have a look. It was fascinating but I was no closer to knowing what I needed. Roz and I picked up seeds for carrots, green beans, pumpkins…we can dream right? And were talking about it all the way home in the car. I mentioned it to Krys and we decided, why not try for an allotment instead of the cramped little balcony space? I figure this will be great. There are many things we could do including:

  1. spending time together as a family every Sunday doing something constructive
  2. Giving Roz impromptu biology lessons on how things grow
  3. Maybe meeting like-minded people..

a short list, granted, but an important one.

We’ve tracked down an allotment site close enough to where we live, and the fees aren’t extortionate, and spring is nearly here.

Often times we lose sight of what’s important in life by just existing day to day. Well, I want to live. And living is the thing that happens while you’re waiting for all the fantastic stuff to happen in your life. Well, here’s to making the ordinary simply fantastic.

I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Best of luck with the allotment Muuka, I’m sure it will be great fun.
    We grew a few bits & pieces a couple of years ago too, it was so satisfying preparing a meal from our garden. I’m hoping to do the same again this year.

  1. February 28, 2015

    […] Muuka Hi all, I’m so sorry I went MIA. It’s just that time of year when college and work […]

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