long weekend!!!

So it’s the start of a long weekend and I am so excited!

This is the first long weekend this year that I won’t be forced to spend my Saturday in work playing catchup so it’s a really big deal for me. Since January, I’ve been spending every weekend in work either catching up on my ever increasing workload, writing my essay, or reading up for college. the one thing I will say is that it’s amazing how much work I can get done when the phones are not ringing and there are no conversations or queries to distract you.

So why am I excited? We have started potty training this weekend and I am looking at a future of diaper free butts. It’ll mean less money thrown at disposables diapers and assuage my guilt over not using cloth nappies and stop my internal environmental debate on the pros and cons of either. It’ll mean not fighting with Roz every day at bedtime to change her nappy and trying to keep a wriggling sometimes screaming toddler in one place while trying to wipe her bum. It’ll mean….

okay, I know it’ll be a long hard weekend but we’ll give it a good shot and if it doesn’t work, we can try again at the next long weekend. wish me luck….


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  1. Office Mum says:

    Good luck! I guess I shouldn’t tell you that post-nappy life brings it’s own challenges when you’re out and about…no, not helful, I’ll keep schtum 😛

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