Love makes the world go wonky…

I chickened out!
What a wimp. It’s Tuesday night and I’m right this very moment supposed to be squashed up against some muscley hunk dancing bachata somewhere in the city.  But where am I? Sitting in front of the computer typing this. Why? Because for some reason, after nearly a year of not going out dancing, I’m a little afraid. The good thing about my being afraid though is that I tend to tell myself off and go just to prove a point. So I’m definitely going tomorrow. And if I don’t go…well then shame on me.
Anyhoo, the weekend was really nice. We had such lovely weather on Saturday that we were able, for the first time, to go and sit outside. There’s a little park and play area near the apartment and Krys, Roz and I went for a walk Saturday with a small blanket and sat with other grateful sun worshippers and parents to catch a few rays of evening sun.
I have to admit that summertime in the northern hemisphere is my favourite time of year. Yeah, even with the crappy weather in Ireland. Whenever we had a geography lesson in secondary school, the idea of having long summer evenings, and short winter days was just so alien to me. In both Zambia and Namibia, the sun never stayed out later than seven thirty in the summer…not a great party animal I guess. And it didn’t vary that much in the winter either, so my first year in Ireland was just full of wonder. I hate hate hate the long winters but the sun setting at 11:30 on midsummer night…fantastic! going to the cinema at nine and coming out at eleven while it’s still bright and walking home…bliss!
So anyway, I digress.
On Sunday, we had a lunch date. This is a couple we met a few years back…well, actually, we didn’t meet them a few years back. Krys met the woman online in a forum for people interested in playing charades. I mean honestly! You can find just about any loser sport on the internet it seems. *roll eyes*
We got friendly …ish I suppose and we meet them once every blue moon for dinner or lunch. Much more often now since their son was born two weeks after Roz. They are a nice enough couple. Of course when Krys first told me he was going over to some woman’s house to play charades, I was worried. Krys is the kind of guy that a woman would have to show up naked and say, “so, you interested or what”, before he gets the message that she’s been hitting on him. Honestly, the stories I could tell you.
Anyway, when I first met red, which is what I’ll call her, I realized there was nothing to worry about. She sooo wasn’t his type. And from the look and talk of her partner, Krys would never be her type either. Now don’t get me wrong, I never feel overtly threatened by women flirting with what do they call it…my man. I just get worried if my man flirts with them. But I’m a terrible flirt myself so I have to be fair right.
Well, Red and Brian are a lovely couple. Except for one thing. Boy can they argue. Two years ago, we were going to play ‘Risk’ at a mutual friends’ home and we said we’d pick them up on the way as they didn’t have a car. They argued the whole way there. Stupid petty things and tried to drag us into it. You know the kind of statements…
“Well, that’s a stupid thing to say Red, don’t you guys think that’s the stupidest thing to say.”
“You always want to do things your way, I know how to put on a bloody seatbelt so don’t tell me what to do.”
In venom filled voices that made me want to cringe. 

I actually get on great on a one-to-one level with Red. she’s so much fun and a real go-getter. She started up her own amateur drama group and events management team and has a really quirky sense of humour that I love.I asked her once why she stays with Brian if most of the time they argue and she said he just knows what buttons to press with her and she loves being on a roller-coaster of emotions with the man she loves. She loves hating him and loving him and the make up sex and romantic gestures he does to make up for the arguments. He once took her to Miami for a week to make up for being a bastard to her all year long apparently. AND paid for everything himself. Lucky cow.

I had hoped they had mellowed out with the baby. Not a hope. Twenty minutes into lunch and I remembered why we don’t agree to see them so often. It was,
“Brian never helps out with the baby. He thinks I just sit on my fat arse and eat all day or something and its f**** hard work caring for a baby. Ask Mary, she’ll tell you. Isn’t it Mary?”
Oh ye gods!
I’d love to know why they stay together. apart from the fact that he’s really, really funny.
Maybe the sex really is that good.
When they were gone and Roz was in bed, Krys and I got talking and we realized we’ve never had one full blown argument. Some people see this as a bad sign, saying you can’t really know a person unless you’ve seen them at their angriest. In fact a friend once told me we must have the most boring relationship ever if we never get angry at each other. After all, what do we do to make up?
But to be honest, I hate confrontations, and besides, Krys is just so annoyingly logical that it’s difficult to have blazing rows with him. I do get angry with him. Tons of times, but I usually wait till I’m calm to confront him about something because once words come out of your mouth, they can never be taken back,. He has told me that he has little frustrations that come and go with me, but he’s never really been angry with me…
Wait till I come home late tomorrow from Bachata…

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