Out of the mouths of babes

Yesterday, we went into the city to celebrate Krys’ birthday with a meal and a slice of decadent chocolate cake from our favourite cafe.

It was a wonderful day. the weather was just right -not cold enough to warrant hats and gloves, no rain, no wind, and the city was packed.

So we’re walking through temple bar and there were buskers everywhere. It was pretty noisy, we were in high spirits and Krys had Rozalia in his arms.

He wanted to tell me something, but I was a bit far away so he yelled at me to stop. As I did, I witnessed the following.

Roz placed a palm on either side of Krys’ face and, in a slow measured tone said,

“Dada, no shouting. understand? no shouting. Just walking, okay?”

She was so serious and so calm, I swear I saw the woman she will be in twenty years’ time.

And because you have to take these things as seriously as your child does, Krys (to his credit) kept a sombre expression on his face as he said,

“Okay Roz, I won’t shout. I’ll talk to mum softly.”

And only then did she nod sagely and lower her hands.

I of course, tried desperately not to break out in giggles.

I was so inexplicably proud of her.


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  1. Oh wow, that’s amazing! She sounds like such a clever girl!

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