The end is really f*****g nigh!

So, I’m back in college.

The difference being that  this is my last year. My final year. The last six months of the course. Thirteen days of lectures, twelve group therapy sessions, six clinical seminars, , two self-assessments, One dissertation, one  case study, four clients building up to six, and I haven’t yet counted out the hours of clinical supervision and personal therapy. It’s going to be intense.

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And in many ways I’m really excited. I know there won’t be a clean break from the finance/accounting day job. In my mind I have this fantasy of plonking down my resignation letter on the 12th May and saying,

“I’ve really enjoyed it here, but I’m off to a brand new world filled with everything I love.”

But that ain’t gonna happen.

But it’s a lot closer in happening than it was four years ago.

It’s a childhood dream I wrote about here and that I always swore I would follow no matter what. So yeah, there’s a great sense of excitement because I can see the end just there…it yo stand on your tippy toes and shade your eyes, you can see it too. And who new that my last year in education would be my daughter’s first? you just can’t make this shit up, can you. There’s a vague…je ne sais quoi about it that just sends a shiver down my spine.

So last Thursday as I packed my school bag and lunch and Krzys packed Roz’s schoolbag and lunch, it was just…indescribable.

The first day of my last year.

And yet there is some sadness too.

This is the last year I’ll sit in the classroom with this particular group of people, the last interactions we’ll have together, the last laughs, the last tears. It’ll be the last time I see some of them. So it’s sad. But I’m going to experience every single moment of it.  I’ve promised myself that.

So we have week one down, Twelve weeks left over the next six months. I’ve put away all the sci-fi and fantasy books I was reading and got my college books in some sort of order. Haven’t a clue what my dissertation will be on, already have three deadlines to meet before the end of October, including same clueless dissertation proposal (eeek!).

But hey, one week at a time.