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On how words affect you in every way

Roz has been a big sister now for just over eight months and it’s been a big adjustment for the two of us. She’s become, in my kind, a fully formed child, despite my...


And who I am needs no excuses – or masks.

You might have noticed – or maybe you hadn’t, who knows – the tumbleweed piling up and blowing over my blog in recent months. I guess for those who read my blog diligently (probably...


The end is really f*****g nigh!

So, I’m back in college. The difference being that  this is my last year. My final year. The last six months of the course. Thirteen days of lectures, twelve group therapy sessions, six clinical...


Movie Review: Cinderella

I have to start by saying I don’t like princess stories anymore. Once upon a time (erm…cough) I loved each one of them. Then I just stopped. Then I started again when I had...


College season begins again

I am delighted to let you know that not only have I made it to my third and penultimate year in college, but I have also been deemed sane enough (I jest!) to have...


Seven reasons why I did not like “The Hangover”. Twice.

So when it first came out in the cinema in 2009, a really good friend who has a similar sense of humour as I have, gave me a call and said I absolutely had...

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