9 reasons to see Moana: A movie review.

Let me start off by saying I absolutely loved it. LOVED.IT. Disney have really made something special with Moana. Roz and I went to see a special advance screening on Sunday and both of...

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Today we were late for school, but happy.

This morning I had a great school walk with Roz. Kris used to take her to school before, but I took over mostly because it means we all get to start the day together...

No Repro Fee.
Sister Stan pictured with Rachel Price from Focus Ireland and her two children Aaron and Meabh Compton at the launch of the Focus Ireland urgent Christmas appeal as a record number of over 1100 families are now homeless.  Donate at 1850 204 205 or 
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Homelessness in Ireland – a Focus Ireland blog march

I’ve been on Maternity leave now for four months, and one of the things I miss most is the walk from my bus stop to the office. It gave me my daily first burst...

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General rumblings

So I am completely and utterly blank. Again. Okay, not completely blank, I do have ideas on what to write, then the baby won’t allow me to put her down, I get distracted by...

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The end of the fourth trimester 

It’s been great, this last hidden trimester. Getting to know her, watching her go from a small curled up bag of bones and skin to a chubby cuddly little human child. From curled up...

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It’s been twenty years

Seriously! Twenty whole years. I finished secondary school twenty years ago! A person born that year can now drink legally. They can get married. They could have a child who walks and talks right...

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