Good morning sunshine, our apartment says hello

I told you about my whole crochet thing right?

About how part of my psychotherapy, nay, one of the essential parts of my psychotherapy course is that of self-care?

And about how for me, I’ve taken on crochet as my go to “quiet-time” because as much as I like to meditate, my mind tends to wander and nine out of ten times I end up falling asleep. So I took up crochet instead, since it allows me to contemplate life and the nature of the universe while also creating something.

So here it is:

I got the pattern from  the repeatcrafterme site but I don’t think I got the ring wreath size, hence the smaller petals on mine.

But regardless, I’m mighty proud of myself. It’s the first crochet project I have started, finished and been happy with, especially with so little sunshine at the moment.

We’ve hung it on our apartment door so it’s great coming home seeing this beautiful yellow sun ready to meet me.

And with that,  I couldn’t resist showing you a new picture of my veggies, which I thought would be dead after a torrential downpour this evening.

Not only are they alive but they are doing great!

so here’s to the last bit of summer and I hope the meteorologists got it right and we’ll have scorching Temperatures midweek.

sing it with me….

“Good morning starshine, the world says hello,
You twinkle above us, we twinkle below…. “

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope I win the giveaway 🙂 Cheers Kevin

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