The week I was reminded that I am black

  It’s been a long couple of weeks. Between starting and finishing my dissertation over a two and a half week period (which I would not advise) and trying to mind a five-year-old at...


Ohhhh….. We’re halfway there. Sing it with me.

  Pretty self explanatory, non?


Heeeeeres Jessie!

So Roz now has her own room. Okay, I say *now* but she’s had it for about a month I think? …. Anyway, it was time. There were only so many times I could...


Netflix StreamTeam: Seven shows Roz is watching on Netflix

I have to start be saying I’m absolutely delighted to be entering my second year as a Netflix Streamteam member. I love television shows and movies! There, I said it. and I always struggle...


Reflections on my recent illness

I hate being ill. HATE. IT. I doubt anyone loves it, to be fair, but oh, I hate it with a passion. On theĀ 19th December, on the first day of my Christmas annual leave,...


And who I am needs no excuses – or masks.

You might have noticed – or maybe you hadn’t, who knows – the tumbleweed piling up and blowing over my blog in recent months. I guess for those who read my blog diligently (probably...

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