And off we go again…

Well, my two weeks of sunny holidays are over and I’m back from sunny Zambia to a cool cloudy day in Ireland. I think, scratch that, I know that this is the first proper holiday I have ever had in Zambia, and it was a pure delight from arrival to departure.  And the thing I love most about any trip back to my homeland is that I come back absolutely bubbling over with stories to tell so watch this space.
The only thing that saddens me about the whole holiday thing is this: on a normal non-holiday week, I wake up at 6:40 shower, dress, put on makeup, and eat my breakfast. I wake Roz up at 7:30, give her a feed for ten minutes, get her dressed and am out the house at 7:55. We walk over to Tracey’s house with a short stop to listen to black birds and any other birdsong. I drop her off  and run to the bus stop and get the 8:10 bus and I’m in the office at my desk and working by 8:50 I leave wok at 4:45 and run to catch the 5pm bus which gets me home at 5:45. Quick change of clothing and I’m at the childminder to pick up Roz at 5:55. We’re back home at 6:15 after a short chat with Tracey about Roz’s day and then a feed and I have my dinner and then it’s usually 7 and time for Roz’s bath which Krys does while I catch up on e-mail and facebook and then at 7:30 we begin the fight to get Roz to sleep. She’s usually in bed and asleep latest 9 o’clock and then I have an hour and a half to (a) relax, (b) do some ironing, (c) cook her and my meals for the next couple of days (d) wash up the dishes from dinner. Usually option c wins out and then its 10:30 and bed time.
So that kind of explains why I’ve gone so quiet, but mostly makes me realize why I have nothing to write about. If this were a pure fiction blog, hell, it would be really easy to just make stuff up and post on a daily basis. I love my imagination and can keep myself entertained for hours. 
But I can’t and won’t write about work just in case. Not even speculating… so my life looked through this little window, is pretty boring. I spend twelve hours getting ready, going to, and coming from and working, eight hours sleeping and only about four hours actually living.
Something has got to be done about this.
Even reading back had me depressed!
Anyhoo, enough drama, I have food for writing to keep myself and anyone reading this entertained for days. 
From the drama of getting to Zambia, all the way to getting back to this little place where all my stuff is kept.
I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I will definitely enjoy writing it.

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