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Would you trade disposable, for cloth nappies? I’m going to give it a try

Technically, I did give it a try and gave up the next day. Roz was about eleven months old and Lidl (or Aldi, I forget which) were selling cloth nappies, everyone I knew (well,...



I know the exact moment when it happened. I stepped into the shower, turned the Taos and thought, ‘if I leave right now, I’ve an hour head start and they’ll never ever find me’ It...


Celebrating Irishness with Netflix – a streamteam post 

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day and we’re not planning anything strenuous. A parade (if the weather behaves) an outdoors activity (if the weather behaves) I’d love to start planting some veggies ( if the...


All about cats and what I didn’t expect.

So the cat is going well. She’s Been allowed outside a few weeks now but has stubbornly decided she wants to be more of an inside than an outside cat. Which I didn’t expect,...


Snapshot – an Awfully Chipper Linky

I was reading one of my favourite bloggers over the weekend and she had this fantastic post over on her page called Snapshot. I liked it so much that I said, yo Maud over there...


Book review: A Casualty of Power by Mukuka Chipanta

Synopsis: Hamoonga Moya’s journey would take him a long way from the township of his youth on the Zambian Copperbelt . Life in the capital brought him new friends, and new ideas, and his journalism...

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