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Adventures in cloth nappying day 3

O today I was very brace and put the baby in cloth nappies the whole day. I decided to use the white nua baby brand that I mentioned before, because of the detachable inserts....


Adventures in cloth nappying day 2

Here’s how we got on in day two of our adventures in cloth nappying #makeclothmainstream #parenting #baby @NappyLibraryIRE


Would you trade disposable, for cloth nappies? I’m going to give it a try

Technically, I did give it a try and gave up the next day. Roz was about eleven months old and Lidl (or Aldi, I forget which) were selling cloth nappies, everyone I knew (well,...


Here I lie, awake…

Small girl is sick. She has a proper cold, complete with runny nose and bad temper. She’s also discovered that boogers are tasty, in that stomach churning way that all kids do. There’s a...


What we do in the shadows

We’ve had a hard week. So yes, I’m aware that I’ve missed my “post at least once a week” thing already. Shit! But short of having a time machine, I can’t change that, so...


Today we were late for school, but happy.

This morning I had a great school walk with Roz. Kris used to take her to school before, but I took over mostly because it means we all get to start the day together...

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