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Netflix Streamteam: What’s on in August

These days, most of my day is dominated by breastfeeding and Netflix. Now there’s a group of words you may never have thought to put together. No Netflix and chill round these here parts....


Product review: Alflorex Children’s probiotics

So I haven’t really posted anything health related for a while, but I’m still very active in trying to change our little family’s eating habits to be more health friendly, and especially, gut friendly....


Voltron: Legendary defender (Netflix Streamteam)

  I haven’t done a Netflix post in a long while because for a long while, I was snowed under with college work, but I’m back now to my usual bingeing self. And while...


Movie Review: Cinderella

I have to start by saying I don’t like princess stories anymore. Once upon a time (erm…cough) I loved each one of them. Then I just stopped. Then I started again when I had...


Netflix: Winter is here….All hail King Julien!

Happy holidays!!   I love that expression. I know most people sneer at it as a very cheery feel good American term, but I actually like it. Here’s why:   It is the season...


Movie review: Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

I sometimes forget that Disney produce really nice, feel-good family movies. They are so well known for their cartoons that yup, I just plum forget. Especially after movies they like The prince of Persia...

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