General rumblings

So I am completely and utterly blank.


Okay, not completely blank, I do have ideas on what to write, then the baby won’t allow me to put her down, I get distracted by social media, Netflix, TV, organising stuff, cleaning….and then it’s bedtime. Completely and utterly my fault.

The other day, nope, week at this stage. Yes. The other week, I had a great idea. And then I hemmed and hawwed about it. Then I wrote down the starting sentence because hey, gotta start somewhere. Then I went online and someone had started their blog post with the exact same sentence! Then I wondered if I’d actually read that sentence before starting on mine, or if it was one of those weird coincidences of synchronicity that just happen every so often in the writing world and especially the blogosphere. Then that moment passed and it was a FULL WEEK LATER and I hadn’t written anything.

Then I started to say, well, just write anything. For the love of GAWD. Just. Write. ANYTHING!

And so you got this.


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