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tumbles and stumbles for years to come

My poor little baby. She’s beginning to master the art of crawling, and with it comes all the dangers. We’ve had to check the floor more often for paper, coins and other minute items...



I know the exact moment when it happened. I stepped into the shower, turned the Taos and thought, ‘if I leave right now, I’ve an hour head start and they’ll never ever find me’ It...


What we do in the shadows

We’ve had a hard week. So yes, I’m aware that I’ve missed my “post at least once a week” thing already. Shit! But short of having a time machine, I can’t change that, so...


Today we were late for school, but happy.

This morning I had a great school walk with Roz. Kris used to take her to school before, but I took over mostly because it means we all get to start the day together...


Things I can’t do without.

We’re nearly at the two months mark (where, oh where, does the time go?) and the last phase of what’s known as the fourth trimester – the three months post birth where poor little...


You will love her more than me

These were the words Roz threw at me a few weeks ago on the bus. We were on our way home from one of out trips, sitting snuggled up in the bus. I’d like...

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