Valentine’s day, say it with flowers..or…books

A very happy valentine’s week to all those who celebrate it.

I don’t.

Not because I have anything against the day, more because it’s right next to my birthday, and my birthday is more important.

Of course.

But it so happens that there are currently three very important things that happen in February now, and I still regard my birthday as the best one.

As of last week, Krys and I are now two years married. We didn’t even remember. There was a niggling, biting thought all of that day, and it wasn’t till we were having out supper that night that it clicked and I said to Krys,

“Oh shit! It’s our anniversary today.”

And as of the fifteenth, we’ve been together for ten whole years. Ten. that’s quite incredible but still a little bizarre.

I didn’t get something for Krys because I’m a forgetful, bad, bad partner who can’t plan ahead for these sort of things very well.

Hell, I was busy sorting GP, insurance, school, and such stuff to make sure they had our new address. Never mind all that reflecting on our relationship stuff. That could wait.

And besides…


Coz I can’t be arsed to start over again really.

He on the other hand, made my day last week.

He built me new shelves for my bookcase. Now all my books fit!


Yes, I do have varying reading tastes.

It’s beautiful!


King rules!

I love it and nothing would have made me happier…

…except maybe more books.


Also stores breastpumps and DVDs, how versatile.



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