Whoop-whoop, that’s the sound of Roz sleeping…

Oh the relief, the utter relief.

So, the last update I gave you on how night weaning was going was here and since then, we’ve just gotten better and better.

For the last three ($%^&! has it been that long?!) weeks, things have gone well.

So the first week (of the last three, just to be clear) was her waking up at least once a night and asking, neigh, demanding to nurse. And she wasn’t going to take any lip from me either. She would kick her legs in frustration and yell

“No, no! you stop saying that mummy!”

and I would offer water or if she wanted a hug or a rub on the back and she’d just turn over (in disgust at my attitude I’m sure) and fall asleep.

Two weeks ago, she woke up once a night and would wearily ask,

“Mummy can I have booboo now?”

And I would again say they are sleeping and I’d get her some water. I’d get up, go to the kitchen and get water, and by the time I got back to bed, she’d be sound asleep. phew!

And last week? oh last week has been brilliant. she woke up on two days and merely groped for my hand, held it to her cheek and fell asleep.  the other two nights she mumbled something in her sleep, held my hand and fell back to sleep.

She spent Saturday night at my sister’s house and Y reported that she didn’t even wake up once.

And last night? well, last night she didn’t even stir.

So yeah, I’m singing!

This is really great.

Now if I can crack how to get myself to sleep through the night, we’ll be well on our way!

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2 Responses

  1. Maud says:

    Yayyyyyy!! So delighted it worked. (Not that I want to count any chickens in any way that might tempt fate.) You’ll figure out how not to be wide awake three times a night yourself after a while. And even if you are, it’s nice to be able to just stay in once place and let yourself fall back to sleep.

  2. Muuka G says:

    It is absolute heaven! I even got to read myself back to sleep last night without the worry that she would wake up. shoo, go away fate. 🙂

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