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It’s been twenty years

Seriously! Twenty whole years. I finished secondary school twenty years ago! A person born that year can now drink legally. They can get married. They could have a child who walks and talks right...


And two weeks later….

I spoke too soon. That day when I said I was getting better, I wasn’t. I ended up back at the hospital last Monday because it just wasn’t getting better. One side was very...


Anecdotes from my hospital stay

The child is now a week old, and we’ve been home since last Tuesday. The only times I’ve ever been in hospital as an inpatient has been for both births and both times were…..quite...


What the “white savior” doesn’t (care to) foresee.

Okay, so I’ll admit I am slowing down. With one week left till the baby’s due date, I am so tired I can barely think straight let alone put coherent sentences together.If you’ve been...


Dublin MC Comic Con

Where do I start? We had a fantastic day! This was our second year attending the event and it was Awesome! Last year we went on a Saturday, and it was packed to the...


That’s soooo you! Objects of me blog-link

Sunday was Father’s Day as most people know and as Facebook went on fire with Facebook memes and messages and photographs of fathers, I was busy polishing up my blog post. Maud over at Awfully...

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