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Breakfast, snacks, lunch, whatever 

I’ve lived in Ireland for over 15 years now, which is longer than I’ve lived in the country of my own birth, and yet there are still a lot of things that cause me to...


Homelessness in Ireland – a Focus Ireland blog march

I’ve been on Maternity leave now for four months, and one of the things I miss most is the walk from my bus stop to the office. It gave me my daily first burst...


General rumblings

So I am completely and utterly blank. Again. Okay, not completely blank, I do have ideas on what to write, then the baby won’t allow me to put her down, I get distracted by...


It’s been twenty years

Seriously! Twenty whole years. I finished secondary school twenty years ago! A person born that year can now drink legally. They can get married. They could have a child who walks and talks right...


And two weeks later….

I spoke too soon. That day when I said I was getting better, I wasn’t. I ended up back at the hospital last Monday because it just wasn’t getting better. One side was very...


Anecdotes from my hospital stay

The child is now a week old, and we’ve been home since last Tuesday. The only times I’ve ever been in hospital as an inpatient has been for both births and both times were…..quite...

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