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Every day gets a little bit easier.

Last week, I had written a draft post about my experience with my C-Section, and then on Monday morning, I opened up the internet to find that as luck would have it, someone’s rant...


Anecdotes from my hospital stay

The child is now a week old, and we’ve been home since last Tuesday. The only times I’ve ever been in hospital as an inpatient has been for both births and both times were…..quite...


Ohhhh….. We’re halfway there. Sing it with me.

  Pretty self explanatory, non?


Heeeeeres Jessie!

So Roz now has her own room. Okay, I say *now* but she’s had it for about a month I think? …. Anyway, it was time. There were only so many times I could...


Netflix StreamTeam: Seven shows Roz is watching on Netflix

I have to start be saying I’m absolutely delighted to be entering my second year as a Netflix Streamteam member. I love television shows and movies! There, I said it. and I always struggle...


The first rung of school has been climbed – Hooray!

It was a very strange start to the day. Roz opened her eyes at exactly 7:33, gave me a big smile and said, “Today is big school!” What better way is there to start...

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