Mutiny in the house…

Well, I obviously don’t have a ship and crew parked anywhere but I feel like I have been given the ole heave-ho. I’m still reeling.

I better get to the telling.

So you know about how I’ve been telling you all about Roz’s sleep….or lack of sleep, right? well, the last few days I’ve been sticking quite adamantly to getting her in bed and asleep by half eight, and it’s been working  very well. Coupled with the no nursing rule at night and my getting a few things moving in therapy and we’re actually both sleeping better. Okay, I’m actually sleeping better. I can’t speak for Roz but she’s definitely waking up less and less and able to put herself back to sleep with gentle reassurances that I’m there.

Now,  this doesn’t mean she sleeps through the night. The child tosses and turns and kicks and pirouettes and practically stands on her head most of the night to the point where I feel like a tossed salad. Between this and waking up to get her some water and go to the bathroom, I’m not getting that much much more sleep although it is better quality sleep I’ll tell you.

Well yesterday was incredible. I had just been reading this post here by officemum and telling myself how far I’ve come with  Duracell baby/toddler (It’s an actual definition! see here) and crawled into bed at half twelve – yes, I should know better by now about getting to bed early..

Well, the second and I mean the second I turn out the light, she starts tossing and turning and whirling around like a dervish. I was exhausted. She stirs awake and I whisper,

“Roz? Do you want some water?”


So I get up and go to the kitchen and get her some. She drinks it and goes back asleep. I stay awake for a while and just as I’m dozing off, she starts to kick the covers again and she’s upside down, and her foot is on my eye, and I doze off again and wake up with her tossing and turning and her head is on my back with her feet pushing against the wall so that I’m getting headbutted off the sliver of bed I currently occupy.

“Roz? do you want more water?”


“Do you need to pee?”


“Are you cold?”


“Is your nose okay?”  (she has a slight cold this week)

“No. be quiet mummy!”

okay, point made. I turn her the right way round and try and get some sleep.”

I wake up seemingly minutes later with her tossing and kicking teh blankets again.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned how I don’t like any tiny centimetre of flesh being out of the covers and how this instantly wakes me up right? I’m sure I have.

So I wake up ready to get my share of the blankets now and getting pretty peed off with this whole thing, when I realise she’s actually getting out of bed. 

I mean, it’s pitch black out and the alarm clock says five thirty-seven and there’s this little toddler climbing her way over my legs and off the bed and toddling away without a second glance into the dark.

“Roz? where are you going?”

“I’m going to my daddy”



I waited. And then I waited again.

And then I got up and went into Krys’ room and there she was, tucked in under his arm fast asleep.

I went back to bed and boy oh boy those were the best four hours of sleep I have had in the last three and a half years.

Roz actually woke me up at nine this morning, I was so asleep.


Let’s hope it’s a regular occurance.

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  1. Emily says:

    Oh this gives me hope… I love your description of feeling like a “tossed salad” that’s how I felt last night… And now at half past midnight I am going to GO TO BED!!!

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