A change will do you good

So one of the major changes we’re making this year as a family, is moving from the apartment we’ve lived in for five and a half years. It’s a beautiful apartment, lovely neighbourhood, close to everything, and we’re only moving about seven minutes down the road, there’s still a mix of excitement and anxiety about the whole thing.

There is nothing worse than moving house, I tell you. Nothing worse!…okay, maybe except having no house at all and being homeless.  Of course that’s far worse. Or having your current house bombed due to war. Yes, there are certainly worse things than having an actual house to move to, but let’s suspend all those valid, awful truths for this post and agree that moving house is a nightmare.

Not our actual luggage...

Not our actual luggage…

It’s been a bit hectic here as we try to pack up and move everything back to where we found it, check the inventory to make sure everything we did find is still somewhere where we safely stored it, get cardboard boxes, arrange carpet cleaning, a van, and put notes to remind us of all the places we need to change the new address with. The five month old is going through a super clingy phase , so that’s not helping, but yeah….moving.

We didn’t really want to move. Initially, the plan was to stay a bit longer in Ireland then move to the continent. I love Ireland but the weather here is killing me. And having grown up in various suburbs with  huge yards (me) and a rural setting where the whole village was a playground (Kris), it’s been difficult not having any piece of land to step out, no shed to store bikes and other paraphernalia, limited inside storage for suitcases, extra bedding, extra novels and the like. Not that the cottage we’re moving will be much bigger, but it’ll certainly be different. A back garden, a front porch, a poly tunnel to grow vegetables in, another few beds out in the open air for more vegetables, room to keep chickens if we want to, we get to have a cat…the possibilities are endless.

Well, not endless, but you know what I mean.

The inside of the house needs a good bit of work to make it our own, and having lived in fully furnished apartments the past 15 years, I don’t actually own anything one would call “furnishings”. So even that, deciding what our ‘style’ is, will be interesting. We have to be out of this place by next Thursday, so the countdown has begun.

Wish us luck!

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9 Responses

  1. Office Mum says:

    The new cottage sounds lovely – looking forward to seeing pics! The very best of luck with the move
    Office Mum recently posted…It won’t always be like thisMy Profile

    • Muuka says:

      Thanks Andrea…You’ve actually given me a theme for Instagram now. I wouldn’t have thought of recording the progress. #IAmHopeless

  2. ooh best of luck. It all sounds lovely.

  3. Christine says:

    That’s really exciting – what a great opportunity to put your stamp on a place! Best of luck with the big move!

    • Muuka says:

      Our only worry is what said stamp will be, since we’re so different. But hopefully we won’t create a monstrosity.

  4. Shane says:

    That’s great news… congrats 🙂

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